February 2015 Recap



I can’t believe February is over. I know I say that every month but February is just so short it feels like it goes by in the blink of an eye. Once again I completely failed at reading – I didn’t read a single book. It sucks but, it is what it is.

This month has been incredibly cold where I live. 26 days this month have had extreme cold weather warnings, and it’s been the coldest February in ages. With the windchill, temperatures have been feeling as low as -46 C. It’s insane. I’ve obviously been spending a lot of time indoors but clearly not much of that time has been spent reading.


snow-yoga? snowga?

I’ve still been watching my never ending stream of TV shows. I watched the series finale of Parks and Recreation last week which was SO perfect but SO sad at the same time. There may have been tears involved. Also – did anyone watch the cast on Late Night With Seth Meyers? Because Aubrey Plaza making out with Jim O’Heir was the highlight of my month.


Posts This Month: Book Blogger Love-a-Thon (Introduction | Book Spine Poetry), I’m Addicted to Celebrity Memoirs

Currently Reading: Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (for school)

That’s it for me this month – let me know how your February went! Hopefully it was warmer than mine 🙂

  • http://therunawayreader.blogspot.ca/ Annie

    Chloe, that picture is the most amazing thing I have laid eyes on this entire month. ALSO UGH ITS SO COLD ITS KILLING ME. I remember back in Dec when the meteorologists were like “this winter will be long and cold for canadians” and I was like “pssh no it’s 10 degrees now and it’s barely even snowed. obviously you suck at your job go away” I AM BITING MY WORDS NOW. I probably jinxed it for everybody honestly. But luckily I found this amazinggggg parka in my mum’s closet she got like ten years ago that she doesn’t wear any more and I’m wearing it now even though it’s huge but it keeps me warm and I love it so much.

    But it’s so crazy when I see tweets being like “It’s -10 degrees or 0 degrees, so cold! Please can school be closed!”. I just want to scream so badly “WE HAVE -30-40 WEATHER AND WE STILL HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL. STOP COMPLAINING. IT’S COLDER THAN MARS HERE.”

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