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An Evolution of E-Readers (Starring the Kobo Aura)

When e-readers first came out I was iffy about them. I’m definitely a physical book kinda gal. Two years ago, for my 14th birthday, I got a Kindle. This one to be exact:

Amazon Kindle 3.JPG

They don’t sell it anymore, but at the time it was their newest version. It’s the third generation, now known as the Kindle Keyboard according to Wiki. When I first got it I tried reading on it, but just couldn’t really get into it. I found the buttons and menu options kind of confusing, and the whole thing was a bit bulky because of the keyboard. By today’s standards it’s practically a dinosaur. However, I was pretty determined to see what the whole fuss was about e-books, so I started accepting some for review and tried reading them on the Kindle. I liked how portable it was, and how I could easily have a bunch of books to read without actually lugging all those books around. But I still found that I just didn’t like it as much as other people seemed to.

Flash forward two years, to this summer. I hadn’t read an ebook in at least a year when I got an email from the fantastic people at Kobo wondering if I wanted a chance to try out the new Kobo Aura HD:

I have to say, reading on the Aura HD completely changed my perspective on e-readers. Compared to my Kindle, this is magical. Over the summer I went on vacation, and decided to test out my new e-reader. I brought it with me to the beach, the pool, and more, and somehow it managed to survive the the South Carolina heat and humidity along with bouncing around in sandy beach bags. I read Pandemonium on it, and I loved it (the e-reader, the book was just so-so). There was never glare, even under direct sunlight at the beach, and the e-ink is amazing. Plus, it was so nice not to worry about book pages blowing in the wind or getting damp. I also love the feature it has where it tells you how many hours you’ve read so far, and based on that how many hours you have to read to finish your book. I even read on it at night while the rest of my family was sleeping, and I didn’t need a lamp on like you do with a normal book – just press a button and the screen glows! Overall I loved my experience reading on the Aura HD, and I’m excited to read another book on it.

Then, this past September, the 100% amazing people from Kobo contacted me again, asking if I wanted to receive the Kobo Aura, a smaller, more compact version of the Aura HD. Of course I said yes! They sent me one, along with a whole gift basket of goodies! I took a picture, but unfortunately it’s on my other camera so for now I’ll just show you the actual e-reader:

Yes, it’s available in pink! Anyway, I’ve tried reading a few things on this, and I love it, perhaps even more than the Aura HD. I love how glossy the screen seems, but as soon as text comes up it’s just like a real page. I also love its small size. The reading experience is very similar to the Aura HD, which is to say: excellent. Reading ePubs on the Kobo is so seamless and easy to do. Just tap the side or swipe and you’re on the next page. I also love the keyboard, the one or two times I’ve used it.

My one issue with the Kobo Aura and Aura HD is reading PDFs on them. When you download books from Netgalley, they come in a PDF form for the Kobo. You can load the book on with no problem, but unlike reading ePubs, it doesn’t give you an option to change the text size, and switching between pages is a bit slower. You can zoom in if the text is too small (which it often is with PDFs) but then the text doesn’t all fit in the screen and you have to move it around to read the whole page.

As for installation/set-up, everything is SUPER easy. All you do is connect your Kobo to the computer and let it guide you through the steps. If you’re connected to WiFi, then it’s also really easy to sync your Kobo with your computer without even connecting it. There’s a button that appears right on the home screen when it’s ready to sync; just click it and you’re good to go.

Overall I have to say I’m really happy with both my Kobos. I love almost everything about them, and I’m so thankful to Kobo for sending them my way.

This review is my own, personal opinion. I received both Kobos in exchange for writing an honest review, and everything in this post is completely my honest opinion.