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Friday Five {03/21/14}


Friday Five is a feature where I share five things that interesting things that I’ve found on the internet over the week! These could be blog posts I liked, new songs I’ve discovered, pretty much anything that I think you guys should check out. I got a really good response to my first Friday Five so I’ve decided to continue it!

1. “A Frozen Dad” – As much as I adore the movie Frozen, this dad makes a really good point…


2. I could seriously relate to Jamie when she posted about What It’s Like to be a Mood Reader.

3. Seventeen did a little “then and now” feature with the Harry Potter characters… It’s kind of shocking. Neville (Matthew Lewis) clearly had the most luck. Although Emma Watson is gorgeous, of course. Oooh how amazing would it be if they got together?!

4. I don’t know about you, but I am loving these abstract nails from Lost in a Spotless Mind. Her blog is excellent if you’re into fashion, beauty, etc.

5. I laughed WAY too hard at the comments on this tumblr gif set (basically, was Oliver Wood created just for innuendo in Harry Potter?)

I hope you find something interesting in those links. Let me know what you’ve been loving around the interwebs lately πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

Friday Five: 12/6/13

fridayfiveFriday Five is a new, (hopefully) regular feature here at YA Booklover Blog. Basically it’s where every Friday I’ll be posting 5 links to interesting things I found over the week. This could be a blog post I loved, a new song I discovered, a cool t-shirt I saw, etc. It’s part of my attempt to incorporate more of the things I like into this blog, and it’s inspired by many other blogs who have similar features.

This week’s Friday Five:

1. Originality and HeartA blog post by Fluttereal Flight that talks about uniqueness and blogging with passion.

2. I’m absolutely loving everything Talulah Lee lately, especially these wrap bracelets:


3. If I were crafty and knew how to use a sewing machine, I would be all over making one of these cute bags from Anneorshine!

4. Can we please just talk about this for a second? I could not stop laughing, somehow the combination of a Rebel Wilson quote and Harry Potter is exactly what you need to brighten your day.

5. Lastly, I was contacted by a teacher from a Kansas middle school letting me know about a program they have going on this year for their students called Battle of the Books. It’s a literacy program to get all types of students (avid and reluctant) involved in reading. However, the school is in a high poverty area and doesn’t have the funding they need to buy all the books, so as it stands right now, not every student will be able to get a copy. I think this is a really great thing to do, especially if you usually donate to a charity this time of the year. Your money is going to an amazing cause, giving students access to books and opening up the world of literacy for them. If you’d like to donate you can check it out here. You can also see the list of books they’re purchasing for the event and read more from the librarian setting it up.

That’s it for me this Friday… What things interesting things have you seen around the interwebs lately? Also, how are you guys feeling about this new feature? Should it stick around?