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TV Rules My Life

I have a confession, you guys…. I have not been reading as much as I used to. Although I mostly blame this on school and just being in a perpetual reading slump, I also have been taking up time doing something else: watching TV.

I never used to have TV shows I followed. I watched a lot of movies, but I was never really into TV shows. That’s not to say I didn’t watch TV; I just didn’t have shows that I watched religiously and really cared about. But something changed in 2012. I have become addicted to almost 10 TV shows. I have cried, laughed, and thrown fits because of these shows. It’s too much for me to keep bottled up inside, so I’ve decided to throw books out the window for the moment and tell you guys about these TV shows that have me so worked up all the time. For every group of shows I’ll be sharing my biggest freak out moments so far, so there will be spoilers, but they’re hidden unless you highlight to see them.

The Harmless

These three shows are what I like to call The Harmless Trio. All are light, funny, feel good shows. They’re only 30 minutes long, and I can always guarantee that I’ll be in a better mood after watching them.

Favourite character from each show: Jess (New Girl), Phil (Modern Family), and a tie between Morgan and Mindy (The Mindy Project)

My biggest freakout with these shows has to be that episode of the New Girl when… (spoiler: highlight below to find out)


My Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I say this one’s my best friend because I’ve been watching it for as long as I can remember, and I have a special place in my heart for all of these characters. For Christmas I got the complete box set and I’ve been working my way through the whole series start to finish. It’s great because although I’ve already seen so many episodes, I’m now watching them in the right order and it’s just like a continuous story πŸ™‚

Favourite character: all of them! I love them all! But I think Chandler is especially hilarious.

My biggest freakout with this show? Highlight below to find out (season 5 spoiler, I believe).

Okay, well nothing really, because I’ve always known the outcome of Friends! However, I think the craziest and most surprising moment for everyone when the show was still on would be when you find out about Monica and Chandler! That one scene where she pops out of Chandler’s bed in London is just SO GREAT.

Mind = Blown


I am beyond addicted to these shows. Honestly, I come home every night and watch at least one episode of Lost, eat dinner, and then catch up on The Walking Dead that I have PVR’d. I’m watching Lost on Netflix, and I’ve gone over our monthly bandwidth way too many times now. I just can’t stop.

I’ve seen every season of The Walking Dead so far, and season 3 just ended last week. I wasn’t as impressed with season 3 as I was with 1 and 2, but it was still epic. I really disliked the season 3 finale though – they might as well change the name to The Walking Retirement Home now. I’m a little bit nervous for season 4 because I think it already went downhill a bit with season 3, and now they’re getting a new director/producer? That seems to be the point when all shows fail :/

Favourite character: Hmm, well half of them are dead as the motto of this show seems to be “kill ALL the characters!”. But definitely my favourite character is Daryl Dixon. He seems like a total jerk, but he’s really so sweet, he has a cross bow, and come on – those arms!

My biggest freakout with this show was when… (spoiler: highlight below to see!)

Okay, well that scene when Sophia walks out of the barn, and everything is just dead silent because NO ONE SAW THAT COMING. Also, there was major sobbing on my couch when Lori died. Why couldn’t they have killed off Carl instead? (I hate Carl. He seems to monopolize the episodes with his bad mood, and he’s a jerk to Rick.)

I’m only on season 2 of Lost because holy crap, there are like 30 episodes per season, and they’re each an hour long. This show is intense. I think there are 30+ plot lines going on right now, and I love all of them. I cannot get enough of Lost. Only thing is, I watched the movie This Is 40, and they show the ending of the very last episode of Lost. I don’t know everything but I think I have a pretty good idea of what happens (but DO NOT TELL ME ANY SPOILERS).

My favourite character: Well seeing as there are about 1000000000asdfghjkl characters in this show it’s hard to choose. I love Kate, because she’s super bad-ass and her flashbacks are the most interesting in my opinion. Locke is a noble character and always so level-headed. Jack is such an obvious choice but I do love him. Oh, and Sun! Sun is such a subtle character but I think her story is so empowering, and there’s a lot more to her than we think. Then there’s Libby and Hurley and Sawyer and…

My biggest freakout with this show (spoiler: highlight to see)…

Well obviously when they find the hatch it’s just like WHAT IS GOING ON. And the whole Dharma thing is crazy, I really can’t wait to see how they continue that story! And every time they realize that someone among them was not on the plane is just creepy. (side note: every time one of The Others passes for one of the survivors, they claim to be from Canada. What is with this? Is Canada like the go-to decoy country because no one knows anything about it so they can’t ask them questions to find out their real identity??)

Overall, probably my favourite moment of the show so far is when Rose and Bernard are reunited. Everyone told Rose that he was dead, but she always had faith, and they made it back together.


Sometimes I watch a movie or a TV show, or I read a book, and I get so attached that I forget it’s not real life. I guess that’s what happened with Downton, but multiplied by 1002029438998374732641728642173678. If I had to pick a favourite TV show, I can easily say this comes out on top.

I never thought that I would get so emotionally attached to a British, period piece soap opera. This show is so well cast and so well written that I cannot even begin to explain it. I have so much love for this show, and I cannot get it through my head that it’s just a TV show. It’s so easy to get completely swept away by the world of Downton, and clearly I did.

The third season of this show just ended, and here in Canada we won’t get another season until NEXT JANUARY. That’s almost a year away. Plus, since the UK gets a new season this coming fall, it’s likely that spoilers and such will get leaked, so I’m going to try my best to stay far far away from any spoilers. Unfortunately, I read spoilers on Twitter for two MAJOR events in season 3 of this show, and I was so disappointed.

People: DO NOT POST SPOILERS ON TWITTER. Even if your Tweet isn’t an obvious spoiler, it may still give a big hint as to what’s coming. That’s what happened to me, and I REGRET IT.

But nevertheless, this show has given me all the feels, and every episode was even more brilliant than the last. I seriously cannot express how much I love Downton Abbey. You know those books you read where they tear you up so much inside that once you put them down you just crawl around the house and feel like nothing good will ever happen again because that book is over and it was so momentous? That is how I felt after practically ever episode of Downton Abbey.

I made a custom Downton background for my Mac and now I basically cry every time I turn on my computer.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11.54.50 AM

My favourite character: ALL OF THEM ALL OF THEM ALL OF THEM. But seriously now… ALL OF THEM. Mary, Edith, Sybil, Branson, MATTHEW CRAWLEY. And downstairs: Anna, Bates, O’Brien, Mrs. Patmore, Thomas, Carson, Mrs. Hughes – the list never ends. Of course we can’t forget the marvelous Granny, played by Maggie Smith (McGonagall!!).

Biggest freakout of this show (spoiler, highlight below to see)…

1. When Matthew proposed to Mary. We knew it would happen eventually (they kiss and then Lavinia dies? I can already hear the marriage bells!), but I was totally not expecting it in that Christmas episode, and it was so amazing πŸ™‚

2. When Sybil dies. This was one of the events spoiled for me by Twitter, but I still sobbed uncontrollably. Watching her die, you just knew that you were losing one of the sweetest, kindest, best characters on that show. When Downton started she was just 16, and she grew so much but she was still so young. What made it even worse for me was that, knowing the outcome, I was so frustrated with Lord Grantham for not listening to Dr. Clarkson! Sybil could have lived, but Grantham was so damn high and mighty that he only listened to the fancy doctor.

3. When Matthew Crawley dies (the second death Twitter spoiled for me). This was brutal. BRUTAL. The complete contrast of switching between Mary lying in bed with their newborn son to Matthew lying on the ground, blood slowly dripping down his face, was absolutely horrendous and heart wrenching but just SO WELL DONE. And Mary’s telling the nurse to tell Matthew to let the others have a chance to see the baby because he’s already had his chance but MARY HE’S DEAD. HE’S DEAD AND SHE WON’T KNOW UNTIL NEXT JANUARY. It kills me.

Well, that’s it. I think my keyboard is damaged from me slamming on it so hard, and my caps lock button will probably never recover from the beating it just got. But it was worth it, because I have needed to say all those things about all those shows for so long now, so thank you for listening to me ramble and scream (virtually).

I would love love love to hear what shows you guys are addicted to, and I would love your recommendations for more shows I should watch!

But remember: please keep the comments spoiler free!